Old Gold for Sale in Kansas City

Old gold means different things to different people, but what we know is that it’s still GOLD. Gold has been a staple in luxury products for most of history, giving us an incredible bounty of gold pieces to find and enjoy.

Precious Metals & Gems are known as one of Kansas City’s best gold buyers & jewelry buyers, with free appraisals for purchase and paying out the highest prices for jewelry, estate jewelry, gold coins, platinum, bullion, and collectibles. This has given us a fully stocked jewelry store with a vast selection of gold coins, sterling silver coins, silver dollars, gold jewelry, and more.

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We Sell Gold Collectibles and More!

Throughout history and modern times, some of the best and most desirable items in the world come in the form of gold. We have a huge selection of collectible gold items that have been curated by our jewelers. From gold music pins to vintage gold watches and old gold jewelry, we have something for everyone.

Old gold coins and silver coins are a favorite of ours, and we have a great stock of:

  • Gold Maple Leafs 
  • Krugerrands
  • Gold American Eagles
  • Gold Pandas
  • Gold Philharmonics
  • Rare coins and other gold coins
  • Silver dimes, nickels, and quarters

We also deal in a tremendous amount of gold bullion and silver bullion; gold bars, silver bars, scrap gold, and scrap silver. Often we find gold and silver flatware, and old coin collections are what many people find during an estate or when they’re ready to clean out their closets!

We have many vintage watches, luxury watches, and old gold wearables.

From 18k gold-hinged home/cabin pins to beautiful 18k gold steamboat charms and 10k diamond roadrunner charms, we have something for that special someone in your life. Our gold bracelets range from pure gold, gold with diamond, gold with onyx, and so much more. Combine our bracelet selection with our huge charm selection, and you will find something unique and beautiful that speaks to the person you’re buying for, whether as a gift to someone else or for yourself!

We also have a huge selection of gold-plated, gold-filled, and gold vermeil earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings. Allowing you to have high-quality jewelry that you can wear every day.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide options from the extremely high-end to the very affordable, all while providing excellent customer service and fair prices.

Don’t forget – we also offer trades! We love trading something of value for something else of value, as it allows us to keep a fresh stock in our store and get to see more of what’s out there. We are curious about nature and love seeing the next incredible treasure the world offers! We then bring those treasures into our store in the KC area and offer them at fair prices for sale or trade to our loyal and ever-growing customer base.

How We Decide What to Buy

When we look at what to bring into the store, we always look to buy gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals. We look for the finest pieces of used jewelry, fine jewelry, luxury watches, and other old gold items that help give us a great selection for our local Kansas City area customers and customers worldwide via the internet.

We also buy broken jewelry and watches. Unlike some pawn shops or second-hand stores, we have certified gemologists who offer expert jewelry repair. We offer this service to anyone who needs to have jewelry repair performed. Still, we can also professionally repair and restore any previously owned pieces we get into our jewelry store.

As experienced coin dealers, we are also able to identify and buy rare coins, old coins, gold coins, and other desirable collectibles.

Ultimately we find the best gold jewelry, items, collectibles, and bullion to bring to you, our customer, to help make your Precious Metals and Gems experience the best it can be.

If you’re unsure whether your item would qualify as something we’d like to buy, call, email, or come in and let our experts give you a free to-buy appraisal so you know what your options are and the kind of money you can receive.

We have an excellent reputation in town and across the industry and are proud to call Kansas City home. We are here to serve you and your family’s precious metals and collectibles needs for years to come.

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Our jewelry store is located in Overland Park and serves the entire Kansas City metro. We have been in business for decades and offer a variety of services.

We buy gold, silver, watches, flatware, coins, paper currency, and other collectibles.

We sell gold, silver, platinum, bullion, jewelry, diamonds, watches, flatware, and every other kind of rare coin and collectible.

We also offer collateral loans on any item that has value. Whether it’s gold bullion, a priceless family heirloom, or that Rolex watch you got for graduation, if you need money now but do not want to permanently part with your item, we can help!

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