Jewelry Collateral Loans

Need cash quickly, but don’t want to apply at a bank? Wanting to get as much as you can for your luxury watches, diamond jewelry, gemstones, luxury designer handbags, silver or gold then call Precious Metals today.

Precious Metals’ collateral loans and jewelry loans is one of the best ways to cash today. Collateral Loans are short-terms loans that require no credit, simply just your collateral. Interest rates are 10% or less, depending on the size of the loan. You can rest assured that we can provide the most accurate value, as we have GIA certified jewelers who can give you a free evaluation of your items.

The Fastest Way To Get Cash For Your Valuables

Collateral Loans from Precious Metals is one of the best choices for getting high value for your collateral and getting fash cash today. Our loan process is simple and allows for many different loan amounts for different types of loans. Fine jewelry, high value collateral, and other precious metals can allow you to get a loan without a credit score and letting you get the cash you need, so desperately, today.

What can you use for your collateral to improve your loan value?

  • Gold of any carat
  • Silver Engagement Rings
  • Bullion Silver or gold flatware
  • Gemstones
  • Luxury Watches – such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, Omega, Cartier, and more
  • Gold Jewelry
  • Silver Jewelry
  • Loose diamonds
  • Designer Handbags
  • Designer Jewelry
  • Collectible Items
  • Coins – gold and silver
  • Rare Coins
  • Other valuable items

Not sure if we can accept your collateral? Call today and see what kind of quick cash could be possible.

Client Relations Team

Our friendly and knowledgeable client relations team will be there to answer your questions and help with any step of the process of getting your fast cash.

Simple & Streamlined

No credit checks required. We don’t ask for verification of employment. We just provide clients with top-notch secured personal financing.

Private & Discrete

Your personal financing business is just that, your business. We will never disclose any client information.

Fair, No-haggle Offers

We believe in making a fair offer the first time, even if that means paying more than we might need to.

Top-Notch Security

From the moment your item is shipped, it is fully insured and will be stored in a secure facility with Brinks Security.

Competitive Low Rates

You will find that we keep our rates low, oftentimes charging half of what a brick & mortar pawn shop would.

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