Sell Coins in Kansas City

One of the most exhilarating things is coming across a rare coin, and finding out it could be worth serious money.

You also may have inherited a large set of rare coins, or sets of gold coins, individual silver coins, or other highly valued and collectible coins.

Regardless of how our customers came to have their coins or coin collections, they want to get an accurate appraisal of their value. They may even want to know what kind of cash offer they could get from a legitimate coin dealer. From American Eagles, Krugerrands, maple leafs to other gold and silver American rare coins and International coins and currency, we are able to give you an accurate appraisal and the best offers to sell your coins. As one of the best coin dealers in Overland Park, and the Kansas City Area, Precious Metals & Gems wants to give you top dollar for your coins.

We buy gold, gold bars, silver, rare, vintage, and error coins, mint sets, bullion, Krugerrands, gold Eagles, paper money & paper currency, as well as fine jewelry, luxury watches, unique pieces, and more, and offer expertise and years of experience not always found at other jewelry stores or pawn shops.

Come by our Kansas City area jewelry store and speak with one of our coin dealers on Metcalf Ave in Overland Park and get an appraisal of your rare coins, gold coins, and more. Customers from Kansas City to Lenexa, Lees Summit, and all over Missouri and Kansas have brought their collectibles in to sell rare coins, coin collections, gold, silver, diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches and more to get the best prices in the Kansas City Metro! We’ve also offered excellent jewelry repair, from here in our jewelry store in the Kansas City area, to help keep their prized jewelry in the highest condition and maintain its highest value possible.

Coin Appraisal Request

When you’re ready to sell coins, get started with a rare coin or paper money appraisal request and see what kind of value your coin or coin sets have today. You never know what kind of treasures you may have. Fill out a quote form today to get started.

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What Coins We Buy

American Rare Coins:

  • Mercury Dimes
  • Susan B Anthony
  • Error Coins
  • Early American Gold Coins
  • Buffalo Nickels
  • Indian Head Pennies
  • Silver Dollars
  • Many More

Foreign Currency:

  • Australian Currency
  • Canadian Currency, Maple Leafs
  • European Currency
  • Asian Currency
  • Various rare and valuable currency from all over the world

Gold Coins

Gold coins have value on so many different fronts – they are rare, and beautiful and command a premium if they are rare, or government issued. They also have happened to be made from one of the most valuable precious metals on Earth, meaning that they are quite literally worth their weight in gold! The price of gold varies throughout the day, every day, so if you want the latest pricing call one of our gold coin buyers today. Gold bullion, American Eagles, gold rounds, gold bars, gold eagles and more are all sought after. Americana collectors love the early American gold coins. Often those who have these kinds of coins can also have silver bars, sterling silver, gold bars, krugerrands, mint sets or paper money, and we are interested in all of those items. We are more than a pawn shop, we have GIA certified jewelers and have been in the business of fine metals and coins for years. Getting a fair price on your rare and gold coins starts with having an expert who knows what is before them, and our coin buyers are experts in this field and can often even give background and histories on certain coins, the mints they came from, and more.