Bullion for Sale in Kansas City

When it comes to gold & silver, no one beats Precious Metals & Gems.

Gold bullion and silver bullion is a purified forms of precious metals that are in the form of gold bars, gold coins, silver bars, silver coins, gold ingots, and other forms of the precious metal. Gold prices are determined by the market, and whatever the price is at that particular moment is called “spot” and is how most stores that buy gold price out what you have.

At our store in Overland Park, we buy gold and silver daily, which allows us to offer a huge variety of bullion, collectibles, Krugerrands, rare coins, and other forms of precious metals.

This family-owned business has been a staple in the Kansas City bullion and gold market, trading, buying, and selling gold, sterling silver, platinum, palladium, and more. As one of the area’s leading coin dealers, we are privy to some of the best examples of:

  • Gold bars – such as PAMP Suisse gold bars or from other mints across the world. These come in 1 troy ounce and are found in many varieties of weights, shapes, and sizes.
  • Silver bars – much like it’s gold sibling, silver bars are sold in 1 troy ounce ingots and go up from there in size and scope. 
  • Platinum bars and palladium bars – as with other precious metals, come in refined 1 troy ounce and larger. As with other precious metals, all of these type of bullion are a fantastic way to either dip your toe into investing in gold or go all-out and start a private collection to help sustain your future!
  • Maple leafs – gold maple leafs from Canada have practically no other metals in them than gold, making them 99.99% gold. These are sought after and often sell for a small premium above “spot”.
  • Morgan Silver dollars, Walking Liberty halves, silver dimes and silver nickelsU.S. coins from the pre-mid 60s contain silver and can be a low-cost way to get into coin and silver collecting.
  • American gold eagles – these have been in production since the mid-1800s, and are very often sought after, so they make a great investment for your gold collection.
  • American silver eagles – like their gold counterparts, are highly sought after and typically sell for a small premium above the value of the raw weight.
  • Australian gold Kangaroo’s and Philharmonics – foreign gold coins 
  • Chinese gold Pandas – foreign gold coins.
  • Americana numismatic – gold and silver pendants, tokens, and other struck precious metals.
  • Gold & Silver Flatware – many folks may not realize that they actually have some raw silver or gold already in the form of spoons, forks, knives, and other flatware!
  • South African gold Krugerrands – foreign gold coins 

And more!

We have been involved in bullion coins, paper currency, and numismatic collectibles for decades and are one of the largest midwest coin dealers. When you come to shop at our store, you’ll find an intense selection of fine jewelry, bullion, rare coins, luxury watches, collectibles, and so much more. We also offer collateral loans to help with whatever needs you may have. Don’t forget about trading as well – we love to trade!

We have gold bullion and silver bullion from .999 gram to 1 kilo, from a 1 oz gold bar to a 100 oz gold bar, and we always have an inventory that is changing and growing. Whether new or old & gold or silver, we have it and want to buy, sell and trade with you today!

Remember that when buying bullion, rare coins, or other precious metals, you can add those to your IRA account. Gold prices may fluctuate, but we can see the history of the prices and make a determination from there! Missouri also has a sales tax exemption when purchasing gold, bullion, etc., for investment purposes. See your financial advisor for any investment advice.

As one of Kansas City’s premier jewelers, we have seen many examples of fine jewelry, estate jewelry, and exquisite unique pieces come through our Kansas City fine jewelry store.