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Jewelry Repair Services in Overland Park, KS

Do you have a collection of jewelry that you no longer wear? Maybe you inherited it from a loved one, or maybe you have been growing your jewelry collection for decades and some older pieces have gone out of style.Even if you don’t wear your jewelry, it still has inherent value and is an important asset that will serve you well in the future – as long as it is in good shape. If you live in the Overland Park, KS, area, come to Precious Metals & Gems. We specialize in estate jewelry repair services.

The Importance of Jewelry Repair

Estate jewelry is a valuable asset, but many people don’t know what their jewelry is worth. People seek estate jewelry appraisals for many reasons. For example, you may be concerned about fair asset division amongst your heirs, or you may want to ensure that your heirs are able to maximize the items you leave them. Estate jewelry can also be used as collateral, donations, or investment capital.

No matter the reason, you need to ensure that the jewelry is in good condition. When jewelry is in good shape, it will be worth more.

The estate jewelry repair experts at Precious Metals & Gems have been trained by some of the top jewelry organizations in the nation, including the Gemological Institute of America. We have over 100 years of combined experience and are fully bonded and insured by Jewelers Mutual Insurance company.

How We Can Help

At Precious Metals & Gems, we strive to offer the simplest, most customer-friendly experience for all of our visitors. We operate a full-service shop, not a pop-up shop, and we have been established in the area for over 35 years. When you call our number, you never have to worry about talking to a robot or an answering service. We always answer our phones in person during our business hours.

To learn more about our estate jewelry repair services in Overland Park, KS, call us at 913-341-1320.


They were absolutely amazing and helpful. they are very kind and willing to help others. My mom got me a ring from them that they created using her old diamonds from her old ring and they made a gorgeous ring that i have gotten so many compliments on i can't even count! I definitely would not go anywhere else!!!
Alena B.
They took great care of my ring when I needed it repaired, and charged me way less than the other two shops I priced. They also were very prompt in letting me know as soon as it was done, all with very friendly service. I will definitely be bringing my business back here!
Nicoole Pearon
I have used them to give me insurance appraisals, fix a watch of mine and bought silver as an investment. I love going in there and looking at the jewelry. It's a great place to buy too. Why pay retail when you can buy from a locally owned business! They are fair and very helpful!
Dina B.

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